Review of ZTE Axon 7 Smartphone Audio

ZTE truly centered around sound quality with the Axon 7 and it appears. While most cell phone creators scarcely give sound a passing idea, ZTE pours a great deal of time and vitality into ensuring the Axon 7 sounds stunning.

Initial introductions are everything, and the Axon 7 makes an incredible one with its show.     

The handset packs two committed sound chips, the AKM AK4961 and AKM AK4490, that help Hi-Fi sound playback through earphones and amplifiers, in addition to forward looking stereo speakers and sound-improving Dolby Atmos innovation. We ran each through their paces.

The Axon 7’s stereo getup brags a couple of 2.15V speakers that effectively rank among the loudest we’ve heard on a cell phone. The Axon 7 overwhelms the opposition, notwithstanding overshadowing the HTC 10, which has respectable sound. Our test stream of Jimmy Hendrix collections was obviously perceptible from over a lobby. However the Axon 7’s speakers have more than volume going for them. Sound is fresh and clear, so it’s free of the twisting you normally get from cell phone speakers. Bass beats are rendered obviously, just like the highs of woodwind and string areas . The Axon 7 took care of Hendrix similarly and in addition the Black Eyed Peas and Bach.

The earphone encounter was similarly as great. The Axon 7 bolsters Hi-Fi sound up to 32-bit/192KHz, which is improved by the Axon 7’s Dolby Atmos tech. The product can pass sound from YouTube recordings, music, and motion pictures through professionally tuned equalizer profiles, and reenact a 7.1 encompass sound framework. It makes a persuading deception. We were persuaded that we were hearing clamors behind us.

The Axon 7 is similarly as fit for catching sound as it is imitating it. It packs double clamor scratching off inward receivers that can record sound from up to 23 feet away and record from any heading. The Axon 7 “tunes in” for a sound source while limiting the surrounding clamor around it, opening up recording where important. In our test, it acted as promoted — mouthpiece sound came through perfectly clear.


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